Riddle Her Lucy – Finding the joy in my personal screwball comedy.

Sometimes people say to me –‘Hannah, you are so wise and beautiful, but how do you survive with the constant embarrassment of being who you are?’

And, well, I am finally taking the time to answer that question.

This morning, right after my husband put out the fire I started in our oven, I walked into the bathroom and found our youngest covering himself in red lipstick. A few moments ago, in an attempt to walk from one room to the next, I gave myself a bloody nose.

And I survive all of this by one simple rule.

Always laugh.

Did you accidentally create a cyanide-like poison while trying to clean your house? Worry. Research. And laugh.

Did you run full force into a body of water in the dark of the night? Get out. Take a shower. Check for ticks. And laugh.

Did you set fire to your kitchen while trying to make breakfast? Put the fire out. Calm your kids. Open a window. And laugh.


I don’t know what tomorrow will bring me. Or what chaos I was create. But I know I will laugh.

You see, all through life we stumble upon days, weeks, months, and years that are filled with hurt and pain and stress and disaster. I have walked a long year of worry with our youngest child. I have raised a stubborn and headstrong threenager who will likely cause me irreversible aging damage. And I have an-almost-nine-year-old who is too smart for his own good.

Beyond my children, I have a husband who is a creative genius and not always easy to communicate with. I have family members who make me want to commit crimes. I have passions that I can’t always pursue. I have finances that don’t always add up the right way. I have childhood hurts that I battle with daily. I have crap. By the boatload.

But in the midst of all of the boats in this sea, I have laughter.

Good friends to laugh with. And constant chaos to find hilarity in.

Tomorrow, I will likely accidently pants myself in the market. Or maybe I’ll run face first into the all-too-clean window of my daughters ballet class. Who knows? But whatever it is, I’ll laugh. And I’ll tell you all about it so you can laugh at me and with me.




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