Riddle Her – The Do’s and Do’s of Motherhood

10 Moms That Need To Stop

5 Moms At School That You Want To Punch

The 15 Things Moms Need To Stop Saying

8 Kinds Of Moms You See At The Store

Do I need to go on? We’ve all seen these headlines. We’ve read the blogs and giggled at a few comments. But, maybe it’s just me…I’m so tired of being told all the ways I’m failing.

But not because I take it to heart. Not because I see myself in those lists and feel like a failure. Not because it hurts my feelings. No, I’m tired of those headlines because I’m tired of accepting the fact that, when I go out, there are other women…other MOMS who are watching me and finding issue with all of my parenting techniques (or lack thereof). I’m tired of worrying that if I strike up a conversation with another mom, she will think I’m judging her every move.

And that’s what those blogs serve as. They serve to further perpetuate this idea of Mommy Wars. Not due to our differences in parenting, but due to the fact that how we are parenting is even being noticed.

So I’ve come up with my own list of things I think moms SHOULD be doing.

Here it goes:

1 – Say hi to me. I like when you say hi. I enjoy any effort from a fellow mom to make a connection. Motherhood can be lonely…and I don’t bite.

2 – Breastfeed – Or Don’t – either way, cool. Good on you for feeding your child and making sure they are nourished! Way to go, momma!

3 – Post pictures of your kids. All the time. I mean it. You can’t post too much. I love seeing those photos of smiling faces. I love your excitement about milestones and regular Wednesdays. I get excited too! I love when I see other moms as mushy and gushy over their kids as I am over mine.

4 – Baby-Wear – Or Don’t – Did you bring your baby out of the house with you? AWESOME! End of story.

5 – Take your time in the carpool line. I can wait an extra 30 seconds so you can say goodbye to your kid. And, if I can’t, that’s on me. I’ll leave the house a little earlier tomorrow.

Moms, everything we are doing is fine. And, if it’s not, we will be like all the moms who came before us…and we can pay the therapy bills later.

At the end of the day, being for or against different styles of parenting doesn’t even matter. Loving our kids. That’s what matters.





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