Riddle You Seen – What I wanted to say.

I’ve been you.

This job is hard.

I’ve been frazzled and exhausted and at a loss for words. I’ve been overwhelmed and felt like giving up.

I’ve wanted to quit. And felt guilty for thinking it.

I’ve been absent and distracted.

This job is hard.

I have been forgetful and angry. I have yelled. I have given in. I have been worried and busy. I have prioritized poorly.

This job is hard.

Being a parent. It is hard.

I don’t know why that’s such a difficult concept to understand when the warnings start pouring in. We think ‘hard’ is something we’ve experienced before. We think ‘hard’ was what we felt during a bad break up. We think ‘hard’ was what it always was. Hard.

But it takes on a different body completely when a child enters the picture. Hard becomes life altering. Hard becomes impossible. Hard becomes ashamed. Hard takes the wheel for days at a time and doesn’t give us a breath. Hard is everywhere.

And in this new form, Hard has the tendency to give us the impression that it is forever. But what I wanted to say to you, to you who I saw on the brink of a break down, is this:

Hard is temporary... Hard will come and go. Hard will not define your every waking moment.

Joy will enter.

Laughs will be had. Love will be felt. Tears will be shed. And hurts will be hurt. But Hard will be temporary.

With every moment of unbearable exhaustion will come an indescribable feeling of joy.

I’ve heard people say things like ‘You chose this. You didn’t have to have kids’. And that’s true. But that doesn’t make it easy. Choosing a hard path doesn’t mean you can’t complain. And it doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful when you do.

This job is hard.

It’s okay.



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