Riddle Her More – I want to be more awesome at everything.


I want to be more awesome at everything.

I feel split when it comes to New Years Resolutions. I mean, there’s the optimist in me that thinks it’s fantastic that people want to change. I think it’s cool that people want to lose weight, be more organized, or travel more.

But then there’s the pessimist in me.

And the pessimist is a real jerk.

The pessimist wants to know why people can only to commit to EITHER eating healthier OR watching less TV. Why can’t you eat a carrot while you listen to music? What’s the issue?

So I decided that I want to just be more awesome at everything.

I want to lose some weight, sure.

But I also would like to take more pictures (don’t worry though – I hate workout selfies just as much as you so I won’t mix those two).

I’m going to be more organized while I’m at it.

And I’m also going to take my kids on more picnics.

More. Awesome. At. Everything.

I get it – I’m not a moron. It’s easier to set one goal and accomplish it.

I guess I just don’t understand what we are really wanting – easy or different?

Because easy is driving through McDonalds on the way home. Different is steaming some asparagus and grilling some chicken instead.

Easy is spending your night off watching movies on the couch. Different is tackling that hall closet where you’ve been stashing all those bad Christmas presents.

Easy is choosing to make one change. Different is choosing to take a year to reset everything.

At the end of the year, maybe you’ll be tired. But you will be more organized, in less debt, have lower blood pressure, have spent more quality time with your family, AND finished writing that short story you wanted to write.

And I will still spend plenty on nights snuggled with Clint and binge watching Doctor Who. I will still drive through and grab a burger on occasion. I might save the hall closet for October. But, all the things I want to accomplish can be done simultaneously. They are not mutually exclusive of one another.

And it’s just one year. In the grand scheme of life, this year is a blip. It will be over in the blink of an eye. And we could have done so much.

My dad always says that life is long. And that leaves two options. One is that there is always time to fix our mistakes, make a change, and accomplish a goal. But the other is that, if we choose not to, there will be a long life ahead of us to spend regretting it.

So – who else would like to just be more awesome at everything? Who else would like to finish the year knowing they have checked off a few boxes?

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from making one change at a time. For some of us, the reality is – one change could be life changing. And any change for the better IS truly better.

But for me, this is the year of the reset. I want to reset my ‘self’.

And just be more awesome at everything.


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