Riddle Her Tired – Things I’ve had to say this week.

Things I’ve said to my kids this week:

Oh crap. Where are your pants?

Honey, where is mommas tooth brush?

Go! There’s snot on your leg!

No, put down the knife.

I need you to get out of the dishwasher.

Please stop sitting on the baby.

Who peed in the living room?



That’s a tampon, not a pen.

How many cough drops did you eat?

Well, spit in her food then.

Why does it sound like water is running? – – – Oh crap.

Fine, but if you fall I’m not taking you to the hospital.

No crying on Mondays.

Seriously. Put your pants back on.

What did you just swallow?

Stop licking your brother.

Someone get me some wipes! QUICK!

This book used to have another page here.

Where did the baby go?

Alright – let’s find some pants.

Things I’ve said to my husband this week:


Where did the girl one go?

Do we have all 3?

She’s awake.

I don’t know – smell it.


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