Riddle Her Broken – The first day of kindergarten.

As I walked through the first morning of kindergarten with my oldest son, a million thoughts went through my head.

“Look at how grown up he is”.

“But he’s still so small”.

“I can’t believe he’s already in kindergarten”.

“This is the beginning of the end”.

“For the rest of his life, he has obligations”.

“I didn’t make his childhood fun enough”.

“I guess he’s still a child”.

“But he’s in school now”.

“He will never be my baby again”.

“First it’s kindergarten, then high school, college, and work”.

“One day he will get married”.

“I hope he likes this little boy he’s seated next to”.

“I hope the teacher laughs at his jokes”.

“I wonder if she has kids”.

“Look at him talking to kids he doesn’t know”.

“I hope he makes friends”.

“What if he feels left out”?

“He’s still my baby”.

“I want him to have friends”.

“His teacher has to love him”.

“What if he feels alone when I leave”?

“Do I have to leave”?

“We’ve always done stuff together”.

“He doesn’t do well in structured environments”.

“This isn’t going to work”.

“I didn’t take him to the zoo enough”.

“I can still take him, right”?

“How do moms do this”?

“They DO do this, don’t they”?

“I can’t believe how big he looks right now”.

“I don’t think I got the right notebook”.

“I should have gotten a better backback”.

“Look at that mom – I bet she took her daughter to the zoo all the time”.

“I feel so young next to these women”.

“I wonder if they think I’m too young”.

“I bet they don’t like me”.

“I hope that doesn’t keep him from being invited to birthday parties”.

“I hope kids come to HIS party”.

“Maybe I shouldn’t invite them so they don’t skip and break his heart”.

“What time does he eat lunch”?

“This is such a cute classroom”.

“His teacher seems nice enough”.

“I didn’t take him on enough picnics”.

“I didn’t play legos often enough”.

“I bet he will feel robbed”.

“His childhood is ending”.

“I mean, he’s still a kid, but he’s not a LITTLE kid”.

“I should have gone to the park at least twice a week”.

“These moms look like they go to the park a lot”.

“I bet they make really great dinners”.

“I wonder if we can wait until next year”.

“I don’t understand what the teacher is asking us”.

“Don’t ask, Hannah”.

“Everyone will realize you are a horrible mother”.

“Oh no, his shoe is untied, I should tie it for him”.

“No, that’s weird”.

“What if he needs help opening his capri sun at lunch”?

“I shouldn’t give him capri suns”.

“I bet these moms don’t buy capri suns”.

“That girl is so well dressed”.

“Maybe I should have bought him more shoes”.

“Do they go to PE in kindergarten”?

“What if he gets picked last”?

“I ruined his childhood”.

“I can’t do this”.

“I need more time”.

“I’m not ready”.

“What did the teacher just tell us”?

“We already have to say goodbye”?

“Please don’t make me go”.

“I can’t do this”.

“He was JUST born”!

“I wasted so much time”.

“I’m on my phone too much”.

“This hug is going to break my heart”.

“Please don’t let go, son”.

“I’m not ready”.

“He can’t possibly be ready”.

“This is too much”.

“We have to leave the room”.

“Oh, please please please stop crying, Hannah”.

“Try to hold it in, Hannah”.

“No one else is crying”.

“Look at his face – so excited”.

“I can’t walk away”.

“I want to go back in”.

“Please, stop crying Hannah”.

“Just walk”.

“Just look down”.

“Stop crying, Hannah”.

“I should have done more with him”.

“I’m not ready”.

“Just stop crying”.

“Just stop crying”.

“Just stop crying”.


“Please stop crying”.

“He will be fine. You will be fine. Just – stop crying”.



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