Is This Thing On?



I’m fairly un-amusing.  I don’t live glamorously or even moderately luxuriously.  I drive a car with only one side mirror.  I have three kids of whom I can usually locate only one at a time.  I don’t have a vast knowledge of any one thing, but a more minute knowledge of a variety of unimportant things.

And yet – I’ve been nudged in the blogging direction for some time now.

Blogging is a fairly bizarre act.  As I sit here, typing out my own introduction, I can’t help but wonder:


I mean, really, if anyone could see the list of things I was supposed to do today and DIDN’T, they would probably refer me to a blog written by someone far more fantastic.  Something geared toward women who need to learn how to manage their time.  Or women who like ‘free printables’.


And that isn’t me.  I don’t like free printables.  I don’t know that I totally understand why there’s such thing as a costly printable.

And that’s just the beginning of my lack of understanding.

I only recently learned that Alaska is NOT an island.  And my husband can tell you that my worst flaw is probably my inability to dress myself without destroying the house.


But here is what I DO have to offer – honesty.  I can say with assurance that, as I sort through my own thoughts and my own junk drawers, I will do it with honesty.  A trait that hasn’t always come easily to me – but that I have learned to rely on.



So…here are the basics:


I’m Hannah.  My husband is Clint.

My kids are as follows – Baby Monster is 7.  He likes Queen and Legos.  He says the best things in the world.  Little Lady is 2.   She doesn’t seem to totally understand society.  She plays by her own set of rules which, typically, require that she climb.  And Mister Man is the baby.  He will be one in a few months.  He has yet to get on our bad sides so we still plan on paying for college.

Clint is an artist.  I stay at home and drive myself insane.  Target is my life-blood.  And. most importantly, please don’t ever leave a mean comment.  I will absolutely cry.  it’s what I do best.






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